Important information

Basic rules must be followed while building thatched roofs.

  • The roof pitch is 35-45 degrees. If there are windows on the roof, their top edges' pitch of at least 25 degrees allows precipitation to travel quickly down slope.
  • Quality of thatch/water reed must be good.
  • Thatch must be fastened together in different bulk and density according to the roof structure.

Flammability, protection

Fire retardants can be used more successfully on new roofs as fire retardants are applied layer by layer. In this way fire retardants do not just cover the surface but are among the layers as well.
Fire retardant in use: COMMU NOVA (P-40)
Application is a mixture of salt dissolved in water especially to protect thatch against fire.
Quantity of application: 600 ml=700 gramms/m2. Surface fire retardants after drying MERIT JAHTI (at least 2X100 g/m2)
Required enamel coat to prevent from eroded by rain.
Application method: spray on.

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